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OpenAnalyser is a Java program for scientifc data analysis. It was especially designed to analyse cardiovascular florescence imaging data. OpenAnalyser provides a simple, yet powerful plugin system, which allows the extension of the program functionality with user contributed code, including analysis algorithms, custom import functionality and visualization. An automatic log mechanism keeps track of every step during analysis and enables the user to reproduce results that have been previously obtained.

The program has been developed at the Max Planck Research Group Biomedical Physics located at the Max Planck Institute for Dynamics and Self-Organization in Göttingen and is released under GNU GPL Version 3.


At the moment the OpenAnalyser source can be downloaded from our development page (see below).


The development page is currently under construction.

OpenAnalyser PDF-Documentation

application/pdf OpenAnalyser - Documentation (440.0 KiB)

OpenAnalyser - Proceedings ESGCO 2010

application/pdf OpenAnalyser - ESGCO 2010 (263.9 KiB)

OpenAnalyser - Presentation ESGCO 2010

application/pdf OpenAnalyser - ESGCO 2010 - Presentation (920.0 KiB)