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MultiRecorder is a software developed in our group specifically for simultaneous recording from multiple scientific cameras. Key features are it's ease of use, flexible configurability and live preview.


  • Simultaneous recording from multiple cameras, which are compatible to the Photometrics PVCAM library. Future versions will support additional cameras (see below).
  • Detailed configuration of camera settings.
  • Live preview of camera video with histogram, contrast adjustment and false-color display.
  • Live display of timeseries from selectable pixel region and associated frequency spectrum.
  • Theoretically unlimited recording time through use of circular image buffers.
  • Clean and intuitive user interface.
  • Graphic acceleration with OpenGL.
  • Possibility to write image data from multiple cameras into a single file to reduce disk load and enhance data throughput.
  • Automatic storage of recording information (date, time, camera settings, etc.) and additional user-defined meta data (e.g. experimentatior, lens, filters, illumination) for each recording in an XML file. This allows to reduce the burden of maintaining a lab journal.
  • Remote control of starting and stopping or a recording via TCP connection from another program or computer.

Planned improvements for future releases

  • Plugin system to support different additional video and photo cameras (e.g. QImaging and Canon EOS).
  • Synchronization of settings of multiple open cameras.
  • Saving and loading of camera settings.
  • Selectively different configurations for preview and recording modes.
  • Digital filter system for live image analysis (e.g. to visualize exitation waves in phase contrast recordings of cell cultures of cardiomyocytes).
  • Improvements in program speed and user interface.
  • Multiple traces per camera.
  • Documentation, code cleanup and release as open-source software.

How to obtain a copy of MultiRecorder

MultiRecorder is available on iquiry.

Future versions will be made available as open-source.